Our Clients


International Biritsh School Bright Horizons

Scope: PR & Content Creation
Description: In cooperation with the client we created content for their new website. We also incorporated a year-long communication plan which followed the school’s rebranding. We used our media connections to position school and relevant people in the key media outlets (TV, Press & Digital). By doing this, the school achieved greater visibility and became distinct from their competition.
Results: 100% Enrollment capacity achieved



Scope: Mediabuy
Description: We worked on an integrated communication strategy which included a combination of traditional and digital Media Buying activities. We settled on a Media Plan which had (in our opinion) the perfect budget split between the channels. By using our know-how and placing the client in the most relevant media, together with strong push in digital segment we achieved great results in Sales but also achieved a lift in brand recognition
Results: 220% of Sales KPI achieved

What Our Clients Say

Dr. Matko Božić, CEO, MB Dent

Services: Business Development, Performance marketing, PR 

“Working with Merkat Media was a delightful experience. They managed to fill the gaps which we had in our internal structure. After implementing their Communication strategy we felt great increase in the number of potential patients, and had to employ more people in our Call center.

Milena Prodanić Tišma, Headmaster, Bright Horizons, Britis School of Zagreb

Services: Web design, PR, Performance Marketing

“Thanks to the great communication plan we implemented together with Merkat Media’s dedicated experts we achieved 100% enrollment capacity. We felt like we were always present somewhere in the media!”